#DeFi the norm.
Invest in the future of finance.

DeFi, shorthand for decentralized finance, is an ecosystem of blockchain-based applications that offer a range of financial services similar to those provided by traditional banks, insurance brokers, and other financial intermediaries.

about us

EnMine’s mission is to provide the Digital Asset market with packaged vendor financing solutions paired with state-of-the-art equipment & sites

Cost competitive, structured debt capital.

Will finance purchase of Miners as well as purchase and construction of hosting infrastructure.

Asset backed non-recourse loans, no margin calls, principal protected through hedge strategy

Miner Supply – Minerset has an 18-month pipeline of latest generation miners

Miner supply is still a key bottleneck for those looking to enter or grow their business.

Hosting Infrastructure – Minerset has near term access to latest immersion mining containers & hosting sites ready for construction.

1-2 MW immersion containers for improved miner performance and rapid deployment.

Several opportunities to build hosting facilities, the newest constraint to mining



Secure funding for companies through DEFI to provide expansion on operations through our specialty lending options.


A new class of asset-backed investment opportunities to crypto investors. Make your infrastructure projects a reality by gaining access to EnMine’s DEFI


EnMine’s Sponsors, Entoro and Minerset, bring expertise and capabilities needed to address the digital market’s constraints on growth

Registered investment advisor to digital asset funds & deep crypto experience

Digital financial structuring and market making to manage crypto currency volatility and repayment risk

Quality Deal Flow & Supply Chain:
Deep supply chain access, experience and customer relationships to source equipment and opportunities