EnMine Fund is an investment vehicle for investors seeking potential upside in a strategy focused on structured loans and investments in the digital mining and hosting infrastructure space.

The minimum is currently set at $250,000.

The initial lock-up period is 24 months.

Management Fee: 1.5% (per annum)

Carried Interest: 25%

Short-term loans – Other lending services (Galaxy Digital, Foundry, etc.) require longer terms for their loans. Our service was designed to be friendly to companies both large and small.

Flexible terms – Our terms are more flexible to the needs of our clients. Subject to approval, we can offer both debt and equity-based financing.


Competitive loan-to-value (LTV) and interest rate(s) – Available financing today can be too costly. We are determined to be competitive in our offering to ensure that any company with healthy growth has access to the capital resources it needs.

The fund is simply an investment vehicle for our structured lending activities. The fund was created to offer LPs an opportunity to leverage our expertise for exposure to the growing digital mining industry.


The process for our structured lending

  1. Origination – Our sponsors source new opportunities through nurtured relationships in the industry.
  2. Assessment – The EnMine management team requests documentation on the active site, and determines the viability of a structured loan with the potential client.
  3. Proposal – EnMine provides

EnMine Fund, LP is an open-ended fund.

EnMine Fund, LP is a 3(c)(7) exempt fund and is available only to qualified purchasers, as defined within the Investment Company Act of 1940.

Under Section 2(a)(51) of the Investment Company Act of 1940, a “qualified purchaser” is:

  • A person holding $5 million or more in investments
  • A company holding $5 million or in investments owned by close family members
  • A trust, albeit not one formed specifically for the investment in question, holding $5 million or more in investments
  • An investment manager with $25 million or more under management
  • A company holding $25 million or more in investments

After the initial lock-up period from the date of investment, redemptions can be requested at any time. Please allow up to 7 days for requests to be processed.

The fund offers LPs a preferred return of 6%.

In other words, the cost of carried interest to investors is only incurred on returns in excess of 6% for the duration of the investment.

The fund was created to scale the key services of our sponsor companies, while offering LPs an opportunity to participate in the potential upside of our digital mining activities. Our goal is utilize the fund with our affiliate business lines to create an ecosystem of services for the greatest value addition to digital miners and hosting infrastructure providers.

The core team of EnMine are the managers of the fund. On the one hand, Entoro brings capital formation, structured lending, and regulatory/compliance expertise. On the other, Minerset is a leading distributor of Bitmain equipment in the US, and provides the resources/services that are key to the success of digital miners and hosting infrastructure providers.